Friday, September 21, 2007

in the end

I think they used a fairly broad selection of topics and ideas to explore that will give us a leg up on all the new technology...sometimes frustrating when programs wouldn't work but I perservered and made it woo hoo


already familiar with this...don't have much time to listen to audio books..makes it harder for me if I have to stop and right in same town as I work...nice if I had a long commute or was going on vacation.

pod cast

can be very helpful as a learning tool...some peoplelearn better visually. only thing I found neg. is that some of the podcast are out dated because they had time specific material..while some regardless of age could still be useful ..tried to add to bloglines and said no rss here's the link.

you tube

familiar with you cause you can find just about anything you want..but there in lies its drawback as well if you have little ones to monitor

web 2.0

I liked the short list..looked at yelp...this would be convenient when your traveling to a place you've never been..seems more detailed than other similar sites I've used

online apps

liked that you can create documents and share..doesn't matter what format it's in...convenient for everybody..also good for business spreadsheets..charts..idea sharing with other homeschool moms

sand box wiki

neat cause you can share fun stuff with people/friends